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[00:01.00]Unit Five Whose dog is it?第五单元 这是谁的小狗?
[00:05.55]Hey! Whose dog is this?嘿!这是谁的小狗?
[00:09.18]Oh, it's mine.哦,是我的。
[00:10.49]He's sleeping.He's very tired.他正在睡觉。他很累。
[00:14.76]Wow! What a beautiful painting.哇!好漂亮的画儿啊!
[00:17.85]Is it yours?这是你的画儿吗?
[00:19.13]No. It's his.不,这是他的画儿。
[00:23.33]What's that?那是什么?
[00:25.68]It's a rabbit. It's mine.那是一只兔子,那是我的兔子。
[00:28.87]I see. Why is it jumping?我明白了。它为什么在跳?
[00:32.71]It's playing with its friends.它正在跟它的朋友玩。
[00:35.65]Whose carrots are these?这些胡萝卜是谁的?
[00:38.56]The carrots are theirs.胡萝卜是它们的。
[00:41.94]A Let's tryA 听录音,试着回答问题
[00:46.02]Listen and tick.听录音,打对勾选出来。
[00:48.70]Which is John's picture?哪幅画是约翰的?
[01:14.12]Let's talk对话练习
[01:16.63]The yellow picture is mine.那幅黄颜色的画是我的。
[01:18.81] Are these all ours?这些都是我们的画吗?
[01:21.23]Yes, they are.是的,它们是。
[01:24.18]Wow! That picture of Beijing is beautiful.哇!那幅北京的画很漂亮。
[01:28.52]Whose is it?这是谁的?
[01:30.28]It's Zhang Peng's.是张鹏的。
[01:33.49]Look! There is a picture of Shanghai,too.看!还有一幅上海的画。
[01:37.72]It's Yifan's.那是一凡的画。
[01:40.46]Oh, yes! It's his.哦,是的!是他的画。
[01:43.35]Let's learn一起学
[01:46.11]Look! That's my dog!看!那是我的狗!
[01:49.08]Yes! It's your dog.是的!那是你的狗。
[01:52.19]The dog is yours.那只狗是你的。
[01:55.18]your dog - yours你的狗
[01:58.42]his dog - his他的狗
[02:02.29]her dog - hers她的狗
[02:06.06]their dog - theirs他们的狗
[02:09.85]It's our dog.The dog is ours.这是我们的狗。那只狗是我们的。
[02:14.61]our dog - ours我们的狗
[02:18.96]Zoom's dog祖姆的狗
[02:21.55]my dog - mine我的狗
[02:25.16]Let's spell拼写练习
[02:27.89]Read, listen and chant.读单词,听录音,并唱歌谣。
[02:31.57]ng ng
[02:50.43]nk nk
[03:09.26]Let's chant.让我们一起唱。
[03:54.95]Read, write and listen.听录音,读单词,并按照词尾为-ng和-nk给单词分类。
[04:24.65]Look, listen and write.看图片,听录音,写句子。
[04:41.52]B Let's tryB 听录音,试着回答问题
[04:44.88]Listen and tick.听录音,打对勾选出来。
[04:47.27]Where is the dog?狗在哪里?
[05:09.09]Let's talk对话练习
[05:11.69](Sam is at Chen Jie's home.)(萨姆在陈洁家。)
[05:16.07]Where is Fido now?菲多现在在哪里?
[05:18.20]He's in the kitchen.它在厨房里。
[05:21.19]Is he drinking water?它在喝水吗?
[05:23.77]No, he isn't.He's eating.不是。它在吃东西。
[05:27.81]Can I play with him now?我现在能跟它一起玩吗?
[05:30.35]Yes.Can you take him to the park?是的,你能把它带到公园吗?
[05:34.38]Of course! Fido,come here!当然可以!菲多,过来!
[05:38.42]Woof, woof!汪!汪!
[05:40.74]Let's learn一起学
[05:42.94]Oh, Fido is sleeping.哦,菲多正在睡觉。
[05:46.37]Yes. He's so cute!是的,他好可爱啊!
[05:49.58]Are these rabbits eating?这些兔子正在吃东西吗?
[05:52.53]No. They're playing with each other.没有,它们正在跟彼此玩。
[06:21.30]Read and write读短文,写答案
[06:24.25]Robin at the zoo罗宾在动物园里
[06:27.52]Sarah and Robin are at the zoo.萨拉和罗宾在动物园里。
[06:31.46]Robin is excited!罗宾很兴奋!
[06:34.47]What are you doing here, Robin?罗宾,你在这儿做什么?
[06:38.56]I'm looking at a bear.我正在看熊。
[06:41.73]I'm dancing like a bear.我像熊一样跳舞。
[06:45.83]I'm looking at the rabbits.我正在看兔子。
[06:49.70]I'm eating like a rabbit.我像兔子一样吃东西。
[06:53.68]I'm looking at a tiger. 我正在看老虎。
[06:58.16]I'm running like a tiger.我像老虎一样奔跑。
[07:01.82]I'm looking at an elephant.我正在看大象。
[07:06.33]I'm walking like an elephant.我像大象一样走路。
[07:10.27]I'm looking at a monkey. 我正在看猴子。
[07:14.17]I'm climbing like him.我像猴子一样爬树。
[07:17.21]I'm looking at a bird.我正在看鸟。
[07:21.09]I like flying.I want to be a bird!我喜欢飞翔。我想成为一只鸟!
[07:26.21]Robin, do you want to swim like a fish?罗宾,你想像鱼一样游泳吗?
[07:31.00]No! No! I don't want to be a fish!不!不!我不想成为鱼!
[07:37.53]Let's check小测验
[07:39.79]Listen and number.听录音,标序号。
[08:32.19]Listen again and choose the right answers.再听一遍录音,选择正确的答案。
[09:45.75]C Story timeC 故事时间
[09:49.32]Here comes a tiger.一只老虎过来了。
[09:52.01]Where is it?它在哪里?
[09:55.66]Shh. Be quiet.嘘,安静点。
[10:01.28]Whose tail is that? 那是谁的尾巴?
[10:03.79]It's running so fast.它跑得这么快。
[10:06.09]Is it the tiger's?那是老虎的尾巴吗?
[10:07.93]Yes, it is.是的,它是。
[10:11.27]I see two monkeys.我看见两只猴子。
[10:14.56]Where are they?它们在哪里?
[10:16.82]Shh. They're climbing.嘘,它们正在爬树。
[10:20.49]Wow! They're fast, too.哇!它们也很快。
[10:24.94]What are they doing?它们正在做什么?
[10:27.52]Why are they looking at us?它们为什么看着我们?
[10:30.44]I don't know.我不知道。
[10:32.66]Look! They're taking pictures, too.看!它们也在拍照。
[10:37.23]That's cute. They're copying us!真可爱。他们正在模仿我们!
[10:41.37]Songs in unit 5第五单元歌曲
[10:44.54]Animals, animals are everywhere到处都是动物
[11:03.33]Rabbits and monkeys and elephants,兔子、猴子和大象,
[11:06.57]Pandas and tigers, too.还有熊猫和老虎。
[11:10.56]Some are climbing, some are jumping,一些在爬树,一些在跳跃,
[11:14.58]Animals in the zoo.动物在动物园里。
[11:26.71]Cats and monkeys and elephants,猫、猴子和大象,
[11:30.31]A dog, a rabbit, a bear. 一只狗、一只兔子、一只熊。
[11:34.57]Some are eating, some are sleeping.一些在吃东西,一些在睡觉,
[11:38.23]Animals everywhere!到处都是动物!(歌曲)