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[00:02.00]Unit Five What does he do?第五单元 他是做什么的?
[00:05.66]What does your mother do, Oliver?你的妈妈是做什么的,奥利弗?
[00:08.39]She is a head teacher.她是校长。
[00:11.11]Cool! I'm going to be a head teacher one day. 真酷!我也希望有一天我能成为校长。
[00:14.67]What about you?你呢?
[00:16.79]I'm going to be a businessman! 我想成为一个商人!
[00:18.91]My father is a businessman.我的爸爸就是一个商人。
[00:22.57]My father is a pilot.我的爸爸是一个飞行员。
[00:25.86]Wow! Where does he work?哇!他在哪儿工作?
[00:29.11]He works near the sea.他在海边工作。
[00:31.63]How does he go to work? By plane?他怎么上班?乘飞机?
[00:36.29]No. By car!不。开车!
[00:38.89]Hey! My mother works near the sea too. 嗨!我的妈妈也在海边工作。
[00:42.34]She is a fisherwoman.她是个渔妇。
[00:46.06]A Let's tryA 试一试
[00:48.73]Today is Parent's Day.今天是家长日。
[00:51.02]Who will come? Listen and circle.谁会来?听一听,圈一圈。(听力练习)
[01:11.18]Let's talk说一说
[01:13.05]Is your father here today?你的爸爸今天在这里吗?
[01:16.73]No. He's in Australia.不,他在澳大利亚。
[01:19.25]What does he do?他是做什么的?
[01:22.15]He's a businessman. 他是一个商人。
[01:23.51]He often goes to other countries.他经常去别的国家。
[01:27.68]And what does your mother do?你的妈妈是做什么的?
[01:30.55]She's a head teacher.她是一个校长。
[01:33.47]That's nice.真好。
[01:35.64]Yeah. She'll be here today!是的。她今天会在这里!
[01:38.33]Do you want to be a head teacher, too?你也想成为校长吗?
[01:42.32]No, I want to be a businessman.不,我想成为商人。
[01:45.98]What does Oliver's father/mother do?奥利弗的爸爸/妈妈是做什么的?
[01:54.12]Let's learn学一学
[01:56.46]Career Day职业日
[01:58.53]Is your father a postman?你的爸爸是个邮递员吗?
[02:01.24]No, he isn't.不,他不是。
[02:04.47]What does he do?他是做什么的?
[02:06.41]He's a businessman.它是一个商人。
[02:09.69]factory worker工厂工人
[02:21.43]police officer警察
[02:24.94]Listen, match and say听一听,连一连,说一说(听力练习)
[03:22.71]B Let's tryB 试一试
[03:24.92]Mike and Xiao Yu are going home now. 麦克和小于正准备回家。
[03:28.29]Mike sees a man coming towards them. 麦克看见一个男的朝他们走来。
[03:31.53]Listen and circle.听一听,圈一圈。(听力练习)
[04:01.65]What does Xiao Yu's uncle look like?小雨的叔叔看起来怎么样?
[04:07.26]Does Xiao Yu's uncle often take him to school?小雨的叔叔经常带他去学校吗?
[04:12.29]Let's talk说一说
[04:14.28]My uncle is a fisherman.我的叔叔是个渔夫。
[04:17.62]Where does he work?他在哪儿工作?
[04:20.09]He works at sea. 他在海上工作。
[04:22.03]He sees lots of fish every day!他每天都能看到很多鱼。
[04:26.30]I see. How does he go to work? By boat?我知道了。他怎么上班?乘船?
[04:31.26]No. He works on a boat. He goes to work by bike.不,他在船上工作。他骑自行车上班。
[04:38.05]He has a very healthy life.他有一个非常健康的生活。
[04:41.75]Yes. He works very hard and stays healthy.是的,他工作非常努力并且很健康。
[04:46.67]We should study hard and stay healthy, too.我们也应该努力学习和保持健康。
[04:51.03]Where does Mike's uncle work? 麦克的叔叔在哪儿工作?
[04:53.73]How does he go to work?他怎么上班?
[04:57.21]Let's learn学一学
[04:59.33]My aunt is a scientist.我的阿姨是科学家。
[05:02.39]Where does she work?她在哪儿工作?
[05:04.86]She works at a university.她在大学里工作。
[05:24.36]Read and write读一读,写一写
[05:27.17]Hu Bin likes sports. 胡斌喜欢运动。
[05:29.17]He is good at football, 他很擅长足球、
[05:31.56]ping-pang and basketball.乒乓球和篮球。
[05:34.33]He often goes running after school. 他经常放学后去跑步。
[05:37.58]He wants to work in a gym.他想在体育馆工作。
[05:41.03]Tip: If you like sports, 小建议:如果你喜欢运动,
[05:43.88]you can be a coach, 你可以成为一名教练、
[05:45.75]a sports reporter, or a PE teacher.体育记者,或者体育老师。
[05:50.52]Sarah likes using computers, 莎拉喜欢用电脑,
[05:53.15]and she can type very quickly. 她打字特别快。
[05:55.95]She wants to work in an office.她想在办公室工作。
[05:59.96]Tip: If you can type quickly,小建议:如果你打字特别快,
[06:02.62]you can be a secretary.你可以成为一名秘书。
[06:05.27]Robin wants to be a scientist like Wu Yifan's grandfather. 罗宾想成为和吴一凡爷爷一样的科学家。
[06:11.06]He studies very hard, 他学习非常用功,
[06:13.06]and he wants to work in a university.他想在大学里工作。
[06:17.00]Tip: If you like science, 小建议:如果你喜欢科学,
[06:19.95]you can be a scientist.你可以成为一名科学家。
[06:23.17]Tips for pronunciation发音的技巧
[06:27.50]Listen and repeat.听录音并跟读。
[06:29.52]He is good at football,他很擅长足球,
[06:31.27]ping-pong and basketball.乒乓球和篮球。
[06:34.71]If you like sports, 如果你喜欢运动,
[06:36.53]you can be a coach, 你可以成为一名教练、
[06:39.03]a sports reporter, or a PE teacher.体育记者,或者体育老师。
[06:43.78]Let's check检测
[06:46.40]Listen and match.听一听,连一连。(听力练习)
[07:24.64]Listen again and answer the questions.再听一遍录音并回答问题。(听力练习)
[08:19.91]C Story timeC 故事时间
[08:23.40]Wow! What a great job!哇!多么棒的工作!
[08:27.74]Yes, What other unusual jobs can you think of?你能想到其他不寻常的工作吗?
[08:32.56]How about a lion tamer?驯狮员怎么样?
[08:36.19]Oh, no. Too dangerous!哦,不。太危险了!
[08:39.70]What about a bee farmer? I love honey.蜂农怎么样?我喜欢蜂蜜。
[08:44.94]Hmm. Maybe a bee farmer will get stung. 恩。但是蜂农有可能会被螫伤。
[08:48.51]That's not for me.不太适合我。
[08:51.15]Maybe you can be a computer game tester.也许你可以成为一名电脑游戏测试员。
[08:54.96]You can play games and work at home.你可以在家里边工作边玩游戏。
[08:59.42]I like to study. 我喜欢学习。
[09:01.31]I don't like computer games.我不喜欢电脑游戏。
[09:04.65]What about a magician's assistant? 魔术师助理怎么样?
[09:08.07]That would be cool.那肯定非常酷。
[09:11.32]Oh, no. I don't like that.哦,不。我不喜欢。
[09:15.13]Well, what do you want to be?好吧,你想成为什么?
[09:18.21]I want to be a nut cracker, 我想成为一个坚果夹子,
[09:20.43]Yum! I like eating nuts.我喜欢吃坚果。
[09:24.42]Haha! You're nuts!哈哈!你是坚果!