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[00:02.00]Unit Four I have a pen pal第四单元 我有一个笔友
[00:06.05]Tea's ready!茶泡好了!
[00:08.75]You like tea a lot!你非常喜欢喝茶!
[00:11.59]Yes. What do you like?是的。你喜欢什么?
[00:16.14]Cake, for sure!蛋糕,毫无疑问!
[00:18.46]Sorry, I don't have any cake.对不起,我没有蛋糕。
[00:22.54]Oliver, this is my pen pal Peter. 奥利弗,这是我的笔友彼得。
[00:25.99]He's from New Zealand.他来自新西兰。
[00:28.90]What are his hobbies?他有什么爱好?
[00:31.48]He likes doing kung fu and swimming.他喜欢功夫和游泳。
[00:35.38]Does he live on the South Island?他是不是住在南岛?
[00:38.52]Yes, he does. He lives on a farm. Look!是的,他住在一个农场里。看!
[00:44.14]A Let's tryA 试一试
[00:47.38]Zhang Peng is talking with Olive about his pen pal. 张鹏正在跟奥利弗说他的笔友。
[00:52.15]Listen and then write T or F.听录音然在括号里写上T或F。(听力练习)
[01:17.68]Let's talk说一说
[01:19.74]What are Peter's hobbies?彼得有什么爱好?
[01:22.60]He likes reading stories. 他喜欢读故事。
[01:24.96]He lives on a farm, 他住在农场里,
[01:26.36]so sometimes he reads to the cows!所以有时候他会给奶牛读故事!
[01:29.97]That's interesting.太有趣了。
[01:32.82]He likes doing kung fu and swimming.他喜欢功夫和游泳。
[01:36.62]Really? Me too!真的吗?我也是!
[01:39.39]He also likes singing.他也喜欢唱歌。
[01:42.26]Oh, you like singing, too.哦,你也喜欢唱歌。
[01:45.58]Yes. I'm going to teach him the Chinese song "Jasmine Flower"!是的。我打算教他唱中国歌曲“茉莉花”!
[01:51.87]Good idea!好主意!
[01:54.58]What are Peter's hobbies?彼得有什么爱好?
[01:57.90]Let's learn学一学
[01:59.89]Hey, Zhang Peng, what are your hobbies?嗨,张鹏,你有什么爱好?
[02:04.55]I like reading stories. 我喜欢读故事。
[02:06.70]I also like singing and doing kung fu.我也喜欢唱歌和功夫。
[02:19.80]reading stories读故事
[02:24.24]playing football踢足球
[02:28.29]doing kung fu练功夫
[02:32.74]B Let's tryB 试一试
[02:35.95]School is over. 放学了。
[02:37.87]Miss White is talking to Wu Yifan.怀特小姐正在跟吴一凡谈话。
[02:41.47]Listen and circle.听一听,圈一圈。(听力练习)
[03:09.04]1 What are they talking about?1 他们正在讨论什么?
[03:12.81]2 How old is the student from Australia?2 来自澳大利亚的学生多大了?
[03:18.78]Let's talk说一说
[03:23.72]Hey, Yifan, What are you doing?嗨,一凡。你在做什么?
[03:28.29]I'm writing an email to my new pen pal in Australia.我在给我澳大利亚的新笔友写邮件。
[03:33.30]Does he live in Sydney?他是生活在悉尼吗?
[03:36.79]No, he doesn't. 不,他不是。
[03:38.34]He lives in Canberra. 他生活在堪培拉。
[03:40.07]His name is John, too.他的名字也是约翰。
[03:43.47]Really? Does he like doing word puzzles and going hiking?真的?他喜欢玩字谜和徒步旅行吗?
[03:50.33]Yes, he does.是的,他喜欢。
[03:52.68]Amazing! I like those too! 太惊讶了!我也喜欢这些!
[03:55.42]Can I also be his pen pal?我也能成为他的笔友吗?
[03:59.23]Sure. Why not?当然可以。为什么不呢?
[04:04.16]What do the two Johns like?两个约翰喜欢什么?
[04:07.86]Let's learn学一学
[04:10.03]Come and see my new pen pal. 过来看看我的新笔友。
[04:12.00]His name is John, too!他的名字也是约翰!
[04:15.07]Really? Does he live in China, too?真的吗?他也住在中国吗?
[04:19.74]No, he doesn't. 不,他不是。
[04:21.49]He lives in Australia, but he studies Chinese.他住在澳大利亚,不过他在学汉语。
[04:28.85]cooks Chinese food做中国食物
[04:33.60]studies Chinese学汉语
[04:38.59]does word puzzles玩字谜
[04:43.40]goes hiking徒步旅行
[04:47.69]Listen, match and say听一听,连一连,说一说。(听力练习)
[05:23.38]Does Oliver do word puzzles every day?奥利弗每天都玩字谜吗?
[05:28.29]Yes, he does.是的,他每天都玩。
[05:31.35]Read and write读一读,写一写
[05:34.56]NOTICE BOARD布告牌
[05:36.64]Shall we dance?我们能一起跳舞吗?
[05:38.95]There is a dance class on Sunday at 1 p.m. 星期天下午一点有一节舞蹈课。
[05:42.74]I like dancing, and I need a partner. 我喜欢跳舞,我需要一个舞伴。
[05:44.51]Call Amy: 3345567打给艾米:3345567
[05:51.04]Goal! Goal! Goal!进球!进球!进球!
[05:54.06]What do you do on Sundays? 周末你做什么?
[05:56.31]Join our football club! 加入我们的足球俱乐部吧!
[05:58.69]See you on the playground! 希望在操场上看到你!
[06:06.72]Let's read together!让我们一起阅读!
[06:09.24]What is your hobby? 你有什么爱好?
[06:11.32]Do you like reading? 你喜欢阅读吗?
[06:13.61]I have great books. We can share! 我有一本很好的书。我们可以分享!
[06:17.82]Call Mike:4435678 打给麦克:4435678
[06:24.45]Science Club, YOUR club!科学俱乐部,你的俱乐部!
[06:27.34]Do you want to learn about robots? 你想了解机器人吗?
[06:30.42]Come to the science room! Meet Robin. 来科学室吧!和罗宾见面。
[06:33.37]He teaches students to make robots. 他会教学生制作机器人。
[06:36.83]robin@pep.com.cn robin@pep.com.cn
[06:42.24]Tips for pronunciation发音的技巧
[06:46.33]Listen and repeat.听录音并跟读。
[06:48.11]1 We can share.1 我么可以分享。
[06:52.41]2 I like dancing.2 我喜欢跳舞。
[06:59.11]3 He lives on a farm.3 他住在农场里。
[07:03.99]4 What are Peter's hobbies?4 彼得有什么爱好?
[07:07.93]Let's check检测
[07:10.25]Listen and tick.听录音并打勾。(听力练习)
[07:59.52]Listen again and fill in the blanks.再听一遍录音并填空。(听力练习)
[08:50.38]C Story timeC 故事时间
[08:54.17]Zac lives in a forest. 扎克生活在森林里。
[08:56.93]He likes singing and dancing very much.它非常喜欢唱歌和跳舞。
[09:02.38]Every day the squirrels have to give the Monkey King gifts.每天松鼠们都要给猴王礼物,
[09:08.13]Then the Monkey King lets them get food from his forest.然后猴王才让他们在它的森林里获取食物。
[09:14.31]Zac sometimes sings and dances in front of the king. 扎克有时会在猴王面前唱歌和跳舞。
[09:19.86]The Monkey King likes reading books, 猴王喜欢读书,
[09:23.17]so he doesn't like Zac's music.所以他不喜欢扎克的音乐。
[09:27.69]One day, Zac song for the king. 一天,扎克给猴王唱歌。
[09:31.93]The king was very angry and shouted, "Go away!" 猴王特别生气并且大喊道:“走开!”
[09:37.22]Then he threw Zac out of the tree.然后把扎克扔到了树外面。
[09:42.17]Zac got up and looked at his tail. 扎克站了起来看看它的尾巴。
[09:45.99]It was really bushy! Zac liked his new tail, 它的尾巴变得非常浓密!扎克很喜欢它的新尾巴,
[09:51.81]and so did all the other squirrels. 其他的松鼠也这样做了。
[09:56.10]So from that day on all squirrels' tails were bushy.所以从那以后,所有的松鼠尾巴都非常浓密。
[10:04.29]What a great story! Is it true?多么棒的一个故事啊!它是真的吗?